In preparation for your eyebrow tattoo appointment please carefully read Pre and Post care information listed below

- All aftercare will be provided for you on the day of your appointment. This includes aftercare ointment, aftercare instructions and a shower visor

- On the day of your appointment please come alone, including no children. The appointment is 1.5-2 hours long and for health and safety reasons i cannot have anyone else in the room

- MICROBLADING ONLY -  prior to your appointment you will need to purchase and "emla" or "Numbit" cream from any pharmacy for approx. $9. you will only need a small 5g tube. Apply your numbing cream stricly 15-20 minutes before your microblading appointment on clean dry skin and cover with some cling wrap. There is no art to applying your numbing cream, so long as you have at least a pea size per brow you can't go wrong :)

DO NOT apply any earlier as as it will affect how your skin holds the pigment 

- PARKING - street parking is available on adjacent streets, alternatively feel free to pull up directly in front of studio along grass/verge

Reminder you cannot have eyebrow tattooing if you are: 

Pregnant or Breastfeeding

under 18

Taking blood thinning medication

Using Accutane (prescription acne medication)

Have a history of keloid scarring

HIV positive

If you have previous brow tattooing - you must email clear photos before booking